[Question] Everspace Crosshair Movement

Hi everyone, just trying to find out more suggestions about how to do :

A bit of context ]
I was playing Everspace and was impressed by the way they did the targeting system.

They move the cross-hair then the ship moves . Not before not together . It’s just like a tether for the ship .

I have the " simple way " … a crosshair on the center of the screen. When you move the ship, the crosshair moves. But I was wondering how to achieve this kind of system.

I was thinking to place a skeleton on the ship then do a Aim Offset … with up, down, left, right but this I think it’s a bit too much :slight_smile:

So the question ]

Do you have any suggestions on how to achieve this system ?


I think this thread it’s in the wrong place. Can It be moved in Blueprint Visual Scripting . Thank you