[Question] Event On Movement Mode Changed Functionality

Hi guys,

I’m currently using the Event On Movement Mode Changed node to determine when I start falling in the world. It works perfect for falling, but I also have several custom movement modes I would love to use this node for:

Sprinting, Crouching, Melee Fighting Stance, Bow Fighting Stance, Swimming, Carrying, and about 5-6 others I can’t currently remember.

Some Context: I see there’s a Custom node, but have no idea how to use it or what the functionality represents. I guess I’m in need of some general enlightenment on how I could use a node like this to determine when any one of my 10 custom movement modes change.

Currently my goal is to build an energy consumption formula that consumes energy at different rates based on movement modes. Because I couldn’t figure out how to add custom movement modes to the existing built-in list, I decided to make an Enum (since it asks for a byte pin). I’ve built my energy consumption formula and I’ve assigned different consumption rates based on each custom movement mode via Switch on Enum, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to tie that into a node that checks when an Enum (in my case) changes, and updates accordingly.

I wish I could’ve phrased this better but my understanding on Movement Modes is limited. If there’s a way to add to the currently built-in list of Movement Modes, I’d do that instead of my own Enum.


As an update, I opened the C++ and found that this node seems to be derived from the Character Movement component and is built in. There is space in C++ to add your own custom modes, but it looks like replication (and maybe other things) would have to be handled by the author. Since I’m not qualified to break open C++ and start doing useful things, I decided to re-write my system into a math formula rather than a list of enums. This allowed me to use the existing booleans (IsSprinting, IsCrouching, IsAttacking, etc) to determine a composite energy consumption rate.