[QUESTION] Eliminate movement jitter on attached networked character

Ok, so the topic’s title is a mouthful but sums up nicely what I want to achieve. Here’s the slightly longer version:

I have a character controlled by the player that uses the “flying” movement and a “regular” actor which moves back and forth along a predefined path (it’s not a character, but the movement is replicated).

The player must be able to go above the platform and automatically follow it as it moves around, while at the same time being able to move freely on top of it (and get off).

Right now, I’m attaching the player to the platform and this works fine. Offline, that is. As soon as I test playing as a client, the player’s movement becomes quite jittery when attached (unless I emulate an extremely good connection).

I even disabled the platforms movement, but as soon as the character is attached, the issue manifests itself. I’ve tried setting both IgnoreClientMovementErrorChecksAndCorrection and SeverAcceptClientAuthoritativePosition on the character movement component, but it didn’t seem to do anything, though I confirmed the variables were set (both on client and server for good measure).

Using pNetShowCorrections doesn’t display anything while attached, which would indicate no correction is being applied despite evidence indicating otherwise.

Any ideas what may be happening?