[Question]Doing something wrong and making a map instead of a mod

Hello all,

Been lurking this sub for a while. I have created a simple mod with a modded items. I have used the tutorial from this post https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?75713-Tutorial-Creating-a-core-data-Mod-(Not-a-Map-just-a-Mod-) but when I cook it, it comes up as a map instead of a mod. Is there something basic that I didn’t check off somewhere or did I screw it up completely and have to start over? The mod basically supposed to remove a few engrams, make some engrams as blueprints only that come from drops, and a few items have recipes changed.

Thanks for the read.

“Originally Posted by StudioWildcard
What defines whether a mod lists in the “Mods” section of the Host Game Menu? Simply whether you cook a custom PrimalGameData.
(Note that Mods will also list in the Maps Section wherein choosing them will simply load TheIsland afterwards, we’ll fix that later.)”

If you are not cooking out a custom primalgamedata then that is why :stuck_out_tongue: