[Question] Disable Blueprint's nodes?


For last time I’m working with Blueprints and I often explore provided demolets.

So, Blueprints can have many branches, or additional sections. And sometimes I need to disable some sections to look how it works without it.

It’s very hard to break all connections from some nodes and then add it again, in that case.

Can I, for example, select desired nodes and disable it by special context menu or another menu command?
Maybe something like comment/uncomment in code.

Thank you!

Hi Dimitry,

Generally if you do not want a section to activate, you only have to disconnect it the one execution pin that leads into it. If the execution pin does not activate, the node is moot. Does this accomplish what you are attempting to do?

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Hi Alexander!

Looks like this question becomes request…

OK, for example I have Character BP.


Here you can see few sections. To disable some sections I need to break some of that connections. Then, after some manipulations, I need to apply it again, so I need to click and drag for all pins.

So, what about “comment” option, like in code?
Compiler should ignore commented blocks, and that nodes will be disabled…

I mean that conception of commenting is present in every programming language. You can simply comment block of code to “hide” it from compiler, but save it for future as some potential solution.

Or to disable some functionality temporary.

I know that BPs works in another way, but this is programming also.

Hi Dmitry,

I have created a feature request and submitted it to our database. Thank you for your input. If there is anything else that you would like to see in the editor, please let us know.

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yes please, it seems really slow when compiling a complex blueprint that has large portions disconnected for debugging sake.

what you can do in these cases is merge your blueprint section that you want to disable into a single node…or alternatively…make it into a function. you can then call the function when you want to…or in the first case just use that single node whenever you want. this will relieve you of the compilation errors and and won’t hamper you from building the package.

I recently worked with Nuke, there you can disable the nodes by just pressing “d” when the node is selected. I found this pretty handy since I think it’s a bit of a hussle to detatch the node I don’t want and attach the new executeline to the code that comes after this node. Some times I forgot to connect everything as I started because the execute line was “behind” a node that I took off the execute line but it looked as it would be active. In Nuke there is a big black across the deactivated nodes, so there is a good readability.

You can deactivate nodes in Unreal. Go to Editor Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts and search for “disable nodes”.
It has no hotkey set by default, so assign whatever you prefer. Now, select some nodes, hit the new shortcut and they will get disabled and grayed out.

To be able to reactivate nodes, do the same with “enable nodes (always)”.

I have mine on Ctrl+Shift+End & Ctrl+Shift+Home.

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Why is this not available in right-click context menu over nodes?
It also disables just this node and continues executing everything after.
I would like to disable the whole branch.
The best would be to allow ti disable execution lines, not nodes only.

And one of the worst things about UE Editor is that even shortcuts are per project base, so if I set my shortcuts there it will be just for one opened project. And it will not work for another. So much better in Blender for example where my own customization is in all projects and even automatically migrated to any new version of Blender.