[question] creating a dynamic texture mask

Hello. I have a question about creating a mask for a jetpack I’m making in unreal Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Ive tried to lay it out as best as I can in the picture but I’ll try to explain. When the jetpack is used it goes on a cooldown of x seconds and I want the donut shape on the back to fill back up to signal when its ready again.

With how ive unwrapped the donut shape my idea was to make a mask that moves from the bottom to the top over a set time, but I’m not sure how to approach this. I know I need a dynamic material and I know how to trigger a change, but im not sure how to create and set up the mask itself, along with having it move over time.

Hopefully you guys might know a good solution? thanks

Create a gradient (vertical black to white) and a parameter (that goes from 0-1). Use some basic math to say anything below the parameter value on the gradient is black, and anything above is white. Use that to mask in whatever color or look you want for the health bar.

Use a blueprint to control the material parameter.