Question "Create a Reference for"

This is i create the blueprint where i have learn in youtube. This blueprint is worked in “Blueprint > Open Level Blueprint”
but if i create in “Content Browser > [Right-Click] > Blueprint Class > Actor”, it doesn’t work because i can’t link the “LDSlideL” from component to “Target”

This blueprint i create sliding door for each side.

after i select the model and i can’t find the “Create a Reference for…” in blueprint.

I’m not a programming (But now learning)

If this image i got anything wrong can just let me know. THX.

or which blueprint is worked better.
Blueprint Issue.png

LDSlideL is not an Actor, it’s a Component. Use the *Set World Location *node instead.

Are you selecting a mesh in the Level Blueprint?

Sorry… i have solve this problem by my own… and this forum is totally can’t help because everytime i ask a question i have to wait 1 or 2 day to let unreal engine to approve my post…

i can’t use this blueprint couse “interaction” now i have to solve my problem is “interaction”.