Question: Collaboration, Perforce

My team and I are about to begin full production. We have a perforce server.

When I move the project file to the perforce server will the team members have access to, will they see, the materials I used to construct items from the marketplace? If not, will moving the folders dedicated to those materials to the perforce depot make them accessible to the team for view and use to build with?

Thanks in advance

The team will be able to see any files within the depot as long as they have the latest revision. If your whole project folder is in the depot, they will have access to every file that is in the project, as UE4 converts imported files to .uasset files and stores them within the project folder.

Thanks. I had concerns that any work I did using mesh’s, textures, and materials from the Marketplace were going to be absent from the checked out project file. Would the folders of the marketplace packages I bought be accessible for their use as well?

As long as it is in the depot. In case you are wondering about licensing/permissions, employees and contractors can also use the marketplace packages as long as their work is contributing to your project.

Excellent. Thank you