[Question] Cannot figure out how to bring Weightmaps into a landscape

We’ve been trying to figure out how to bring Weightmaps into a Landscape. In UDK we simply selected the layers when creating the Landscape from a Heightmap.

We also have tried using the LandscapeLayerBlend node in the Material Editor only to have it crash every time we try to save the material.

Can someone point us to a tutorial or set of clear instructions on how this process works?

edit: For a moment we were able to right click on one of the Layers in the create Landscape tool that brought up a dialog to import a RAW file (.r8). Thinking we had it figured out we cleared the scene with a new level and are no longer able to right click on any of the fields and see the import dialog.

Another thing; clicking on the icon with three dots used to Import a file as a layer, the import dialog allows us to import .r16, we’re not familiar with Weightmaps being 16bit raws, is this a mistake? In UDK Weightmaps were always .r8 - help.

I would love to see a tutorial on landscaping too. If someone could writeup something that would be extremely helpful !

From my limited knowledge on this topic and this documentation link : https://rocket.unrealengine.com/docs/ue4/INT/Editor/Tools/Landscape/Creation/index.html, I think the height maps are indeed 16 bit raws.

Work and experiment and we answer our own questions.

Click the Landscape icon

  • Import from file
  • Select a .R16 Heightmap file
  • Add Material if you’ve made it already
  • Click Import to build Landscape

To make your Material you will have to temporarily use the LandscapeLayerWeight node (as of Jan 26, 2014 - though this is supposed to be fixed in the next beta) - after the fix you can use the LandscapeLayerBlend node.

Add as many of these nodes so as to have a corresponding number of Layers as you will have Weightmaps.

If you have done this step prior to importing your .R16 Heightmap you added it in the previous step, if you have not:

Drag and drop this Material onto your new imported Landscape.

Click on the Paint icon in the Landscape module

In the Target Layers dialog you should your named layers listed (the names will correspond to the what you assigned as a name in the Material Editor when you added the LandscapeLayer node!

  • Click the “+” (Create Layer Info) and select “Weight Blended Layer”
  • Name the layer in the popup that will appear
  • Do the same for the remaining layers
  • Under the name of the layer right click on “None” and select Import from Raw
  • I select the .R8 option as that is how I save my Weightmaps - choose the corresponding file (its name must match the name you assigned the LandscapeLayer node.
  • Do the same for the remaining layers

Your Landscape should now pop with the assigned materials corresponding to the appropriate Weightmap attributes.

To paint the Landcape, simply click the layer in the Target Layers you want to paint with, hold CTRL and we are on our way :slight_smile:

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Thank you for posting the in-depth answer to your own question. In the spirit of the UDN being a source of knowledge for all, we appreciate it.