[Question] Buying new hardware for UE4 and coming games. Your opinions?

Hey Guys!

Time has come to upgrade my Computer and i’m asking myself which setup is powerfull enough to run UE4 without any impairments and is besides not too expensive.
I also would like to run current and next upcoming games at full detail level (but not above 1080p).

What do you think about this setup?

AMD FX-8320 8x 3.50GHz
Gainward Phantom GeForce GTX 760 4096MB
Gigabyte Mainboard GA-78LMT-USB3

Thank you very much!

i would personally advice to go with intel cpu - 4th generation; and 16GB ram, even im struggling with 8GB, and nice graphic card choice :smiley:

Try using a GTX 770 instead of a 760, it should be quite better on UE4.

Are you talking about developing games using UE4 or playing games using UE4?

Both have totally different requirements.

A delivered next-gen UE4 game could require a top end video card and X amount of memory as a minimum requirement or run flawlessly on an iPad or smart phone. It’s not the engine it’s self that determines requirements but what is put into a game based on design that does and it’s rather assuming that you would need top end gear to play the next Pac-man.

Development on the other hand lots of memory and storage space, and a really good chair, would be more valuable as to upgrade requirements over and above a video card selection and everything else is just a management problem.

I’m talking about both at the same time. What i’m trying to do is getting the best hardware which is relatively inexpensive on the same time. I would like to stick below 650$ if possible.

Why is a GTX 770 better on UE4 than a 760? Just because the 770 makes better performance in general, or is there any special reason?
Should i buy a card with 4 GB or are 2 GB comparable? i guess 4 GB are worth it, right?

Do you think an Intel Core i5 4670 4x 3.40 is the way to go? I’m wondering because it has less cores + GHz and is around 60$ more expensive than the FX-8320. Does it even so have an positive impact on performance?

Hey Guys,
i’m now thinking about this setup:

GPU: GeForce GTX 770 Phantom (4GB Edition)
CPU: Intel Core i5 4670K 4x 3.40GHz
CPU-Fan: Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev.A
Mainboard: ASRock Pro4 Intel Z87

And lateron upgrading my RAM, but that can wait a month or two. :slight_smile:

What do you think about this system?

If you have a bit extra cash, i reccomend a good I7, becouse UE4 drains CPU performance like crazy, and having a good CPU makes you more future proof, as you can update the GPU by the time the 900 series come

Definitely go for more than 8GB of RAM. I would also go with an Intel processor over AMD for performance. Also 2GB of VRAM will be fine unless you plan on working in 1440p.

The clock rate is only half of what determines the speed of a CPU. The other part is IPC, the number of instructions a processor can execute in each cycle. Intel has much higher IPC, which means that their individual cores are faster than AMD’s, even when they have a lower clock rate. AMD makes up for this by having 8 physical cores, which makes it faster in highly threaded applications.

Your current build with the 4670K is more than enough to run the UE4 and have a nice experience for the most part, but you will have still have slowdowns and waits for building levels, this is unavoidable. A GTX 770 is going to be able to render pretty much everything you can throw at it, within reason, it’s a high end nVidia card. Whether you lag with it depends on how much you push today’s hardware. Games have to make tradeoffs between performance and graphics. Your question about running the engine without any impairments is a little flawed, you will always be able to create lag on any rig by pushing graphics beyond what it can handle.

That said, you can create good looking games with an i5 4670K and GTX 770 while having acceptable FPS in the editor. You may not always have a fluid 60 FPS depending on how intensive your game is, but that build is enough to develop on. I believe that the renderer in the engine is just dual threaded, but calculating lighting can probably use as many cores as you have.

If you think that in the future you will be able to upgrade the CPU, the 4670K is attractive, moving to a hyper threaded i7 will get you decent improvements. If you aren’t considering upgrading, the FX-8350 starts to look nice because it will significantly outperform the 4670K in highly threaded tasks where all of its cores are used, it also overclocks slightly better, and it’s cheaper. There isn’t really a “wrong” choice, both will give you enough performance for what you want to do, it just comes down to how much you want to spend for more power.

Is 2 GB VRAM really a good choice to be future proof? I can image the upcoming games will take benefits from 4 GB of VRAM. Bf4 already fills up to 2 GB VRAM.

vblanco, i’m not sure if 100 more bucks are worth an i7 comparing to a i5, because most engines are calculating on the GPU anyway, aren’t they? Do someone have experience with UE4 and i5 processors?

Its becouse i7 have hyperthreading, and give a bit more performance when compiling and building light. I have a 2600K overclocked to 4 ghz and its an absolute monster.

The Future RIG:
Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 AM3+ Motherboard upto 32G
FX 8350 4GHz AM3+ Black Edition Boxed Processor
AMD Radeon™ R9 Series Graphics
Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series MZ-7TE250BW 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III SSD

Go for it. Mine is about to land home this weekend.
I’m waiting for my new machine, it is a 12 cores, 32GB RAM and SLI 2x GTX 780s. Won’t buy a new machine for the next 6 years btw.

I now decided to take the following setup:

GeForce GTX 770 Phantom (4GB)
Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 4x 3.30GHz (Hyperthreading!)
Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev.A Cooler
ASRock Fatal1ty H87 Performance

It’s both very reasonable and powerful. The CPU is a good choice between the price segment of a i5 and i7 but supports hyperthreading.

Thank you all!