Question: base blueprint, collision

Hey there,
since building can be a quite frustrating thing to do in ark I started to experiment a bit with some features. At the moment I am trying to make it possible to place a structure as long as it snaps. Basically I want to remove the inability to place things due to collisions with other things. I had some success by remapping the “PrimalItemStructure__”, referencing the “Wall_Stone” for example and unticking “Use Placement Collision Check” in it. I also had to reference some other thing and add it to the “StructurePlacer” (not sure if neccessary). It’s not perfect but it’s better in a way that I can place structures further into obastacles then before.

Now I have two/three questions.

I would like to use/experiment with base blueprints. The “Use Placement Collision Check” option for example is in the “Floor_Base_SM” though. Can I remap that somehow as well? Can I change it and make all “vanilla” structures use it?

Also in the “Floor_Base_SM” for example are “Collision Presets” with “BlockAllDynamic” as default and there are tons of options. I experimented a bit with it but nothing seemed to have an effect at all. What’s with that? What does it do?

In the static meshes for structures is also something about “Collision Complexity”: “Use Simple Collision As Complex” as default. Does that help somehow?

Maybe I bit more then I can chew. Some help or some pointing in the right direction would sure be apprechiated :smiley:

Cheers and have a lovely day :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Where are “the reasons” for not being able to place things?

Actually any information about base blueprimts would help. I usually just make copies of the files not sure if making a child can help somehow, I don’t quite understand where the differences lie.

If you make a copy it’s just a completely new type that Ark doesn’t know anything about unless you register it again (i.e. via additional engrams etc).

If you make a child, Ark will recognize it (most of the time) as if it were the original type. For example, if you make a new type of Berry by copying the Mejoberry and change everything around. Animals won’t really recognize your new Berry and won’t eat it by themselves. However if you make a child of Mejoberry, animals will eat it as if it was a Mejoberry itself. This works this way, since from class inheritance perspective, your new berry is also a Mejoberry and will be recognized as such.

Another point I came across is, if you child a blueprint that has components (e.g. an inventory component), you can’t modify the components (at least in case of the inventory component), it will pretty much be readonly. You’d have to copy instead of child in this case.

…but I’m also just starting out with Ark modding and the UnrealEditor…so I’m sure someone will have a more qualified answer for you… :slight_smile:

If you just want to make a copy of the other no collision mods already out there. All you have to do, is make duplicates for every single PrimalItemStrucutre, then disable Placement Collision Check, then remap every single PrimalItemStructure in the game.

Very simple, but boring and mundane. Also there is more then one no collision mod already out there.

Remapping every single one is exactly what I am trying to avoid, I don’t really care if it makes sense or not at this point. Just trying to figure out things about dealing with base blueprints and collision presets and, well, see above :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks anyway. I will try to make a child of the base blueprints next chance I get, maybe it works and I just kinda missed it while messing around too much with too many files at once :slight_smile: If it does work I would be kinda surprised though. How would the “downstream” files “know” which one (the vanilla or the child) to “inherit(?)” from? Wouldn’t a child actually be one of the things I’m trying to mass change via their parent e.g. “Floor_Base_SM” (parent) to “*****_Floor_SM”(child, not sure if they are actually called this)

In a TC mod, you can alter the base class, and all children that do not overwrite that data will inherit it.

However if you want to replace a parent there is no way to change the parent base && have the children point to the new parent, without remapping everything, without doing a TC mod.