Question: Automatically adding Files to packaging/cook Process

Asked this question a while back: How to add a file to copy in the Packaging Process - Plugins - Unreal Engine Forums

Never got a response and this still remains pertinent today. Shipping procedure is more complicated than it needs to be for the plugins I’ve made, since packaging and cooking content doesn’t automatically include the required .dll files (e.g. Leap.dll for Leap Plugin or sixense_x64.dll for Hydra plugin). Is there a way to specify in the build rules,in code, or in another config file to copy these to the correct location (typically Packaged Root/Project Name/Binaries) and for this to happen when the user hits launch or package project? This would help a bunch of cases where the confusion stems from lack of automatic launch/packaging support.

Thank you for your time.

bump, would appreciate any response on this issue, even if it is simply: this is currently not possible.