[QUESTION] Are there changelogs for the Paragon Assets?

I noticed yesterday that Howizter had an update on the marketplace. Is there a changelog for it anywhere?

I have to add the character to a temp project, manually merge changed assets into my existing project, and manually replace references on those changed assets so I’d like to know what assets were updated and when so that I can do that for my existing project. A few other heroes have been updated since release as well whereas I downloaded them all on day one and have no idea what was fixed, changed, or added since then.

If there are not existing changelogs, can we please get them listed on the Marketplace page for each of the Paragon Assets with dates the updates were released or a link to a forum post with the information?


Hi there!

The update for Howitzer yesterday was just to do a quick fix for a material error found on some of the skins! We’ll let you know if there are any other big updates but in general if an Epic owned asset has an update it will typically be for a bug fix.



When are more characters coming?