[Question] Apex Cloth Workflow

Are those the same workflow for UE4? Can i follow that tutorial to get Apex cloth in UE4 or are there any changes?

haven’t tried the trench coat yet but the flag worked sort of

added a small video to the ftp GeoDav folder to show the changes for rocket hope it helps

Did you followed any tutorial? If so can you please tell which tutorial?

just the nvidia max tutorial

Thanks Geo. You meant the Trenchcoat tutorial?

Do you guys probably know if I can create a apex cloth asset without the 3d max plugin? (I have max 2014 and there is not apex plugin for that version)

well i tried the trenchcoat content in rocket and that crashed !

but yes those tutorials, i did just the flag one to test something and it sort of worked, i think they might need to look at it through

Trenchcoat asset has over 2k simulation vertices and current rocket version doesn’t seem to support large simulation mesh. We fixed this crash and changed to support large simulation vertices but need to wait for next rocket version. For first aid, If you decrease simulation vertices under 2048, then you could avoid the crash.


You can download 3ds Max plug-in for 2014 at “PhysX 3.2.3 / APEX 1.2.3 / Tools” category in download page of “Registered Developer Programs”. Also you can use “ClothingTool” included in APEX SDK instead of plug-in but I recommend to use Max plug-in.


Does new 1.3.0 plugin work with Rocket ? I see that APEX libraries got upgrade, but haven’t yet tried it. (it have much needed self-collision support :wink: )

Awesome APEX cloth upgrade nonetheless, my test skirt, simulate and looks much better, without any changes, in new build!

Unfortunately, I guess current Rocket is using APEX 1.2.x so 1.3 plug-in might not work with Rocket. But we integrated APEX 1.3 into UnrealEngine internally. Please wait for next build. :slight_smile: