Question: Allow once a second

Hi guys,

Right now i’m working on a small personal project. And based on a INT certain actions must happen.
And while all of this works, the push of the INT (serial print from a Arduino) is coming in for every event tick.
Now on my Arduino i have a few buttons that will change the INT. And this way i know which button is being pressed.

What i’m trying to achieve is that when i press a button, i only fire the custom event one single time, instead of very event tick.
Any idea’s how to add something that stops the stream and only allows one tick through (without using a delay or sort).

DoOnce. That does it one time. Put something in to feed the Reset after the time elapses.

Thanks. I wish all problems were this easy to solved.

So do I. There are usually many ways to solve a problem, some more direct than others. Your problem happened to have a direct answer.