[Question/Advice] Max Number of Meshes per game scene

Hey Epic,

I am currently starting the ground work level wise on a very large scene (A 1/2 Scale Europe that ranges from Germany to France with a bit of Italy, the United Kingdom and the channel)
The scene is set during the second world war. I am doing this to prove (to potential client) Unreal 4 is capable of very large scenes like the one I am talking about.

I am planning on making heavy use of texture kits, Occlusion Culling and various other methods to keep the scene running fast at run time.

Anyway - Is there a max number of objects allowed per game scene?

I am going to be having allot of trees, buildings, etc. in my world.

Thank you for your time,


There’s probably a technical limit due to code limits, but practically there isn’t. You have to control how many things are visible at one time and make sure not to fill the level with many things and set things really far away.

Hey darthviper107,

Thank you for the reply. :slight_smile:

  • Ben