[Question] Adjust Vehicle Max Speed

How can i change my vehicle max speed in Blueprint? There is Get Max Speed but no Set Max Speed

I guess i figured that out. Changing Max Omega in VehicleMovement adjusted my vehicle max speed.


That solves your problem, but isn’t that value used to determine the engine’s Max RPM?

Not sure about that but adjusting that value decides whether my vehicle should move like a snail or rocket. :slight_smile:

Hey Hugo and Satheesh,

Thanks for your questions! Max Omega is one of the many settings (as seen in your screenshot) that affects both the engine acceleration and top speed for your vehicle. Vehicles, in general, are being tweaked and improved on our end and we are also in the process of updating our documentation to reflect the current state. In the mean time, please experiment and have fun with the settings! :slight_smile:



Where is vehicle movement located?

Hi can any of you let me know if vehicle rpm can be adjusted dynamically in a blueprint ? It doesn’t seem to be available in the drop-down menu when I search for it in the blueprint window. I’m using v 4.9

I also wish to know if this value can be set dynamically in a blueprint.

if your blueprint extends WheeledVehicle you get a Vehicle Movement component inside.