Question about world creation by multiple designers


I am an academic teacher in a school of Architecture and I am teaching a course about digital environments and landscape design.
The students are designing one level in UE4 which consists of a landscape (mainly terrain, vegetation and some structures) and some blueprints that add interactivity and functionality to simple objects of the level.

I would like to ask about the best general workflow in order to combine all these separate levels (about 30 different landscapes) to one final “world”.
Should we use level streaming and create some kind of “portals” for passing from one landscape to another?
Should we create a really big terrain which will consist of separate tiled landscapes?
Any other possible solutions?

I should mention that the final world will be set up on a pc with an old geforce GTX 470, so performance will be an issue.

Any info will be valuable.

bump. Any Ideas?

Hey, can you tell us what kind of landscapes? Are they continuous or distinct? i.e., one mountain range, made out of many streaming levels.

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Epic uses Level Streaming to achieve this. Portals could be useful for traveling.

Awesome Portal Tutorial

For collaborative construction inside the UnrealEd you may want to take a gander at the MapSyncPlugin.

Note: If MapSync is not suitable, perhaps you can set up Source Control. I personally use Perforce as UnrealEd has integrated support.

Perforce Helix P4V: Visual Client - Built-in UE4. User Guide’s: Brief, Detailed

Perhaps the challenge of the project could be leveraging UnrealEngine itself to develop a Collaborative Multiuser Level Building Application similar toScene Fusion. I’m working on a such a Level Builder myself featuring Procedural Generated Architecture.

GOOD LUCK on the Project!