Question about W-9 Forms

I would like to sell on the marketplace. However the tax information requires a W-9 form. In the state of Alabama, a W-9 form is acquired from the IRS after I receive my EIN number which is given to the business after a license is bestowed upon the person. For this action to happen, one must pay a lawyer 1,000 to submit articles of confederation as well as a logo to the state in order to perform a background check. The background check is a formality in my case. However, I cannot afford the 1,000 dollar fee or the monthly maintenance fees for the license as well as the privilege fees for online transaction. In the state of Alabama, nontangable goods sold online in eCommcerce stores are only taxed if sales execced 3,000 dollars a year. Furthermore, when I attempted to use the paypal account for my other store, there was an error which said that the account already used.

The question is that can I submit content without a W-9 form and why it won’t let me use my mother’s paypal when I am already using it on the other store?

@mzb0038 If you are a seller in the US and you are an “Individual” and not a “Company, LLC, C Corporation, etc.” you should submit a W9 using your Social Security number. There is no need to request an EIN from the IRS or incorporate a business to become a seller.

Tax ID and payout accounts can only be used by one account at a time so if you have already registered another account you will not be able to re-use the same tax or payout details on a second account.

Please contact us directly for any other questions relating to seller signup or support: Marketplace Support

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Necesito el formulario w9 para llenar mis datos