Question about using motion capture files in UE4

로우킥 언리얼 임포트 오류1.jpg
로우킥 언리얼 임포트 오류2.png
잽 모션캡처.png
잽 언리얼 임포트 실패.jpg

I have two kind of motion capture file. One is fbx file like number 1 picture, the other is fbx file converted from c3d file as number 4 picture.
I know as using possible fbx file in UE4, so import fbx file of motion capture mentioned above.
If I import motion capure file like number 1 picture, following import setting like number 2 picture, happen like two number 3 picture.
Message of first number 3 picture is “Failed to import. Failed to create assets.”. Second error message is “Mesh contains Root bone as root but animation doesn’t contain the root track.” like second number 3 picture.
Case mocap file of number 4 picture, immediately issues a message “Failed to import. Failed to create assets.” without import setting as no.5 picture.
In my opinion, it seems to solve the problem that appear in the file of no.1 picture after file of no.4 picture is converted into file as no.4 picture.
If this is the right way to let me know how. That’s not, let me know any other way. Or the file itself is invalid or Did not available in the engine?
please help me to solve the problem and answer about my question. Thanks!

The errors usually occurs when trying to import the animation from the native FBX The import sees the rig but not the animation take of the animation your trying to import. Example you can have one character set up in MotionBuilder but 100 takes assigned to the character track so when you try to import the raw FBX into UE4 it finds the character track but not the animation track from the 100 that you want to import and get the “Mesh contains Root bone as root but animation doesn’t contain the root track” error.

Long way of saying UE4 can not import motion data saved as a raw MotionBuilder FBX file no more than it can import a raw .max file from 3ds Max as there is no way to select a take from the format from the X number of tracks available.


If you add a character rig you can use the save animation feature from the character control and select which plotted take you want exported as an individual clip based on the name of the take which can be imported into UE4 as part of a batch process that only contains the root track that excludes the character rig and extensions.

Thank you very much for reply.
But I am not a native speaker of English. So I’m not sure I understand your words.
You mean that thing going to import the data after I create the skeleton for the motion data?