Question about using marketplace blueprints?

hello, i bought some AI packages from the marketplace to speed up the development of my project.

i’m planing to offer my programming skills on fiverr and similar places to rise some funds for my projects.

my question is about the using the blueprints from the marketplace on those works that eventually i will do.

a) can i use the marketplace blueprints in that way?

b) do i need to play the royalties for the ue4 use in this case ?

thanks in advance for all the help and info.

If someone wants you to build off some marketplace thing then they would have to purchase it first, if you already own it then you wouldn’t be able to give it to them.

You don’t owe royalties on development work, it’s only completed projects.

ok, got it, that is for question a), in that case is better start fresh, without any packege from the marketplace.

for question b) what will be the answers about the royalties?