Question about use of Unreal Matinee (short movies)

Hi all.

From the UE4 FAQ:

That’s means i can insert a Unreal Matinee sequence into my indie short movie without have to buy a license from Epic?
I have just to give credits to Epic/Unreal Engine for use, submit/notify Epic when product is ready to go, right? Or something more is needed?

Im not a Unreal Engine user, the question why im here is: >>>> can a camera sequence made with Unreal Matinee be placed into a short movie? <<<<

Short movie is live action, CGI made with Blender. (indie short movie, uploaded to YouTube)

Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

You dont have to buy a license from epic -> the UE4 is free + you dont have to pay the 5% :slight_smile:

"There are no royalties for using UE4 in linear/non-interactive productions like movies or TV. "