question about unreal engine

I know this is a rather odd question but i was wondering if there is away to make expansion packs for a game made in unreal rather then do DLC

I’m not understanding what you mean, an expansion pack is essentially the same thing as DLC, am I right?

pretty much the difference is below
DLC = Generally a small addition to a game. Fairly cheap.
Expansion = A large addition to the game, usually as big or nearly as big as the main game. Sometimes they are even standalone.
i was asking because im not sure if i can do a big DLC and it work out (do to load time and ect) or if it wont effect the loading time as bad as i think it might

Well, DLC/patches can amount to a lot after time, and Epic knows this, so I’d imagine that loading times are pretty efficient, but that is just my opinion.

There is no difference in loading time between levels added as “DLC” or levels merged in as “expansion packs.”
What will change is the size of the download – how long you have to wait when you decide to get it.
Level loading is level loading; doesn’t matter really where the level is coming from.

so i can manage doing the same by making it a DLC instead of a expansion pack?

Yes. (A big DLC :-))