Question about UE4 Trademark License Agreement

Hello, i have some questions about the “UE4 Trademark License Agreement” for use the UE logo.

First this part:
"TRADEMARK LICENSE AGREEMENT This Trademark License Agreement (“Agreement”), dated as of __________ (“Effective Date”), is by and between Epic Games, Inc., a Maryland corporation having its principal business offices at 620 Crossroads Blvd., Cary, NC 27518 (“Epic”) and ___________________________, having its principal business offices at ____________________________________________ (“Licensee”). "

  • I need impress and write by hand or just just write in the document?

The second question:

  • For who i send this document? By e-mail? By mail?

Sorry if i post in the wrong place, i dont find a forum for “legal questions”.

Thanks a lot!

More one question: my business is a personal business, in the ‘and’ part i put my name and offices my home adress?


maybe email Epic directly to get an official answer