Question about ue4 logo

I have a screen that plays the youtube video to show that my game is powered by unreal engine 4
Am I allowed to use the Powered By Ue4 video in my game?

video I’am currently using:

Check the style guide: Unreal Engine Branding Guidelines and Trademark Usage - Unreal Engine
You might need to email them and get approval for how you are going to use it

Hey Darth …
was wondering if everyone has to submit the forms for even using the default logo … you know?
The wording is unclear. I read the PDF and im even more unsure now haha.

For the logo they have some info about how to use it in your game images, but I would think that for all marketing purposes you’ll likely have to get approval. So for example if you put the logo in a trailer or on your site then you’ll need to get approval. Part of it is not just how the graphic design is but whether they are OK with their name being associated with the project.