Question about UDK and MAJOR bug

I know this forum is probably for UE4 only and UDK is probably not supported anymore and I cannot start a new thread in the older UDK forums, but! I have found a major bug in UDK. This is pertaining to source code in UDK. So basically the problem is inside of a file named GRBCHECKED_1_1_api2_x64.dll. I’m sure alot of people know this file is for gpu accelerated rigid bodies. So when I add Kris Red Beards TFP(true first person perspective)
and I switch weapons in game I get a massive error!
UDK version:UDK-2014-08
Problem signature:

Additional Information 1: 17af
Additional Information 2: 17afe1540df3148ce85432b458a7e0c7
Additional Information 3: 0cc7
Additional Information 4: 0cc70dded14b4358716bdd4f3b37e315

I have actually gone through almost the 2,000 lines of code inside of tfpPawn.uc trying to debug if the source of the problem is inside of there and i’m pretty sure it’s not. This problem can be replicated everytime I pickup a weapon and start switching/shuffling through the weapons I have equipped. This is a serious issue for me as I have been using UDK for about 6 years now. So I am 6 years into my project and I have had alot of issues but this one is the worst as I do not have access to source code for ue3/UDK to fix this problem. I mean…there is source code for the Nvidia Apex PhysX SDK but if this is a problem inside of the engine coinciding with the error in the GRB Dynamic Link Library then there is nothing I can do to fix this.If someone wants to replicate this error just patch over the Dynamic Library Link files in UDK to enable GRB then download Kris Redbeards True First Person Perspective and it should not be difficult to replicate the error. I’m not a professional programmer or highly advanced in debugging but I have come to the conclusion that when GRB’s are activated the apex framework somehow accelerates the skeletalmesh of the player creating this error.Every time I change weapons, total shapes and awake actors change under the console command output stat apex.

This is as far as I got with the problem and i’m seriously stuck with it. If anyone has any good ideas on what to do, I am all ears.

[EDIT] Just to be absolutely %100 sure that the error is GRB/UDK source end I set bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=true and ApexGRBEnable=false and then I switched weapons about 50 times and I did not get one single crash! In fact it was running perfectly.

We have a section dedicated to UDK so I will move your thread here. I think there will be more people who might help you.

Sorry probably wont be of much help but if he’s supplying code then its odds on the bugs probably in his code … I gather he supplied source so I’d be debugging that. If it was me and it was only change weapons causing an issue I’d look at an alternative means (over ride) to do it or look in his code for weapons change for reference (and remove or, debug it).

btw I’ve had to redesign things a number of times in UDK cause of bugs, 1 instance as recently as a couple of weeks ago.

I already stated I have went through thousands of lines of code. I have actually removed the weapon change code. the animations, and the other stuff to make it so it simply makes the weapon appear in the characters hands.I doubt his code is bad as I already stated I have tested it on CPU mode and had it working perfectly. it’s when it’s in GPU mode that it crashes and gives me the .DLL exception and location of the problem.Take a look when i debug using the stat physics command. the graphics processing unit accelerated rigid body convex meshes change when i change my weapon, meaning the characters weapons or skeletal structure himself is accelerated on the graphics processing unit.

I’m assuming once again this has something to do with the character being processed on the gpu. the thing is i need grb’s enabled for destruction in my levels in UDK but the grb’s also accelerate the weapons characters skeletal structures also. This seems to be a advanced problem from what i can see and it appears .uc files don’t really mean anything in this case, but i could be wrong.I have installed the apex sdk 1.2.1/physx 2.8.4 with visual studio,dx sdk 2010, physx sdk 2.8.4 and got all the source code up and running and i’m trying to debug the issue and see where in the source code the problem is. But it’s like over my head as it is really advanced looking through the source code. first off i need to match the offset in the dll to the location in the source code to see where the problem is. re-compiling and rebuilding the CHECKED grb file should not be that hard. Hopefully this all makes sense for some people who run across this. And i hope this will be resolved either by fixing some source code or finding another means to fix it.

[EDIT]it’s almost as if when grb convex meshes(weapons/grb convex meshes) are rapidly created and deleted that’s what makes UDK /grb checked dll crash.This could lead to other problems in the future as if other convex meshes are rapidly created and deleted UDK would crash because that also.

“bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=FALSE” never works for me in the machines where I have tested the game …

if you use a amd gpu this is why. also that flag/setting usually only works if you are using physx gpu based work like turbulence/particles/destructibles/clothing and anything with CUDA power or physx gpu solver code.Also remember at one point that command was basically used for FERMI architecture like gtx 400 series and higher gpu’s with 300+ cuda cores or more. I remember at one point a kepler patch came out to support newer architectures so if you use a newer gpu that could be a problem also but i cannot say for sure as i have only been using FERMI architecture for the past couple of years.

im curious, does any of your mesh components have UseCompartment enabled? I had a nasty crash that was super frequent a few PCs and non-existent in most other PCs and that was causing it

Interesting, I will check that out now.

I looked through it all. None of the sections are compartmentalized.