Question about two people working on one project

Me and a friend want to work on a project at the same time but, we live far apart. Is there a way we can both be on Unreal engine 4 working on the same project together?

Perforce or SVN are probably your best bet. We’ve used both but is currently using Perforce because of annoying problems with SVN.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to set up Perforce properly, heck even install it properly. Anyone know how to do it from scratch?

You can also split the tasks - especially if they fit well with expertise. I.E an artist and a coder. If you are both coders then it is harder as 1. you are missing other skills and not complementing each other well, and 2. you need to use some kind of source control mechanism to control code versioning.

I prefer to use Gitlab … it is the community edition of Github … the primary reason is that I can protect the master branch and this prevents unwanted commits tainting our master branch.

This is how we operate:

  • The lead developer is the owner of the master branch and is able to action commits directly on the master branch.
  • All other developers can only branch from the master branch.
  • A developer will create a branch, do their development, and then perform a merge request to the master branch.
  • The lead developer will then action that merge request and will either merge it in to the master branch or reject it because it breaks something.
  • Once the merge request is complete, the other developers can get the next lastest build, branch it, and continue the process again.

It would be easier to do automatic merges if UE4 didn’t use binary assets … but we still follow the process and the lead developer is sure that after a merge nothign is broken as they have to do the merge manually.

We keep the workload down by using small sprints. 8-}

I am still trying to figure this out

hey qdelpeche is it easy to figure out and set up? because perforce is crazy hard to do

went to get lab, what should we buy? and is the set up pretty easy?

You just need a standard server … I run mine from a server hosted on Digital Ocean … they have a default image for Gitlab that works out of the box. Drop me a PM and I will send you a link that will give you $10 free credit. 8-}

i have also been wondering how to solve this in the best way possible ^^

Digital Ocean has made it very simple … drop me a PM for the FREE $10 credit.

How To Use the GitLab One-Click Install Image to Manage Git Repositories

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One-click install and deploy GitLab

As I said … merging has to be done manually because of the binary assets … if you are mainly using C++ … you will be able to auto-merge most of your project.

whats the downside on using the free hosting on the gitlab site?

As far as I know … free hosting has to be an Open Source project … UE4 is not Open Source so you are breaking the rules and your game would have to also be released Open Source. I used to use a hosted solution for $19.00 that was limited to a set number of repositories.

I took the $20.00 and got my own Gitlab server from Digital Ocean and have never been happier.

i see thank you for taking time and answer:)