Question about TRADEMARKS

Hello all again, here is a question (i dont know if its the right place, if not, sorry about that), its about trademarks, for example, in my actual proyect i need cars, a few Humvees and some tanks, weapons and a lot of other stuff, if i use a real model of a for example a Humvee or a Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, FIAT, etc, its legal to use a 3D model of that kind of stuff?, same for guns, etc, or i can’t make a 3D replica of a commercial car?, any know about that kind of law to introduce me please?, and thanks for your patience!.

PD: Im not talking about use the words or logos “COCA-COLA, NIKE, FIAT, FERRARI, ADIDAS, PEPSI, etc”, just a 3D model of stuff with no logo.

Hi elviejoxd,

From my experience, you are not allowed to use “real world” objects in your game. (not sure for guns and tanks…)

For example, racing games will need to sign a contract with the appropriate car manufacturer in order to get that vehicle in their game.

You can’t use the image and/or IP of another company in order to make money off of it or promote yourself.

Depending on what you want to put in your game, I would seek legal advise and/or contact the appropriate company and ask them if you can use their image and/or IP in our game. Make sure that you get a written response just to be on the safe side.

Hope this cues you in the right direction.

As maparizeau already mentioned, normally your are not allowed to use “real world” objects in your game without the “ok” from the one that sells it.

But here you can find more information: Gun licenses for game - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums :slight_smile:

As far as I know you are only not allowed to use the name… Thats why for example Arma 3 uses a lot of “real” tanks/weapons/helicopters, but they are all named with some imaginary names. But I guess it depends on the country where you are, which laws you have to follow. Arma 3 is produced in Czechia, and european laws are often a lot different to US laws.

ok, for now i will make similar stuff with some modifications and others names while i seek a lawyer and ask him more details, thanks all, you save me like…$500.000 :rolleyes: