question about total conversation

does total conversation require a wipe?

and as i understand you can directly edit primal BP or am i wrong?

Yes you can directly edit any BP in a total conversion. As for it requiring a wipe, it would probably be good practice to do a clean start on a TC mod just to ensure compatability.

so let me confirm…a TC-cooked mod would prevent conflicts?

No, a TC does not prevent conflicts, they are still possible - it all depends on what is being combined. In many cases, making one large or very varied mod into a TC prevents those specific changes from ‘conflicting’ with core - by replacing core with the TC. The TC may change things only a little, letting most mods stack - it could also change things so much that no other mods will stack with it at all.

do you also have too coock the TC and do a wipe every time devkit are getting updated or does it automatic gets that every time the actualy game are getting updated and would you loose your work too?

Pretty much, yeah. The devs do release a diff ZIP file of what has changed… which can help you figure out what does not need to be re-done.

But you can count on PrimalGameData needing a re-do.

If/when the devs stop providing the diff ZIP file, I’ll probably start keeping a separate master copy of PrimalEarth… and use SyncBack to do a binary diff between the previous and new devkit release so I can copy back my unchanged modded files.

i hope in the future they found a way to make it only add new stuff and not overwrite stuff that had been edited