question about the platforms and stuff just my thoughts

hey guy’s I saw the action rpg and it looks cool downloading it atm

what I’m wondering though

is there a way to get rid of the platfor specifics at the creation of the game and just build all the examples for pc with a profiler for the specific devices, and then when you “I think its called cook the game and go gold” then specify the platform?

I don’t think I can play half of the examples because I don’t have a ios or android table or vr stuff, but couch knights looked cool too however seeing that you needed occulus rift for that I didn’t even bother looking at that and stuff

also is there a way that I can play with ai nodes and movement right from blueprints, I mean the ai behavior trees look crazy cool and stuff but I’ve barely got into blueprints and tbh that’s the kinda stuff that I really wanted to be playing with in blueprints tbh.

something else the twin stick shooter uses the pawn and I did a little jumping tank with that a while ago, however now the pawn won’t even go up a ramp new game because of spyware and stuff and computers dying.

can I upload backup files to google drive when I get a working copy something like the perforce thing, I don’t really get that tbh, but haven’t really looked into it.

but I was wondering would I be able to hit a button and link my epic accout to my email and drive to save stuff that’s working?

I was also wondering is the 4gb limit for the map or the game? I was wondering what happened to packages and I was wondering if they could be streamed in like level streaming for timy package files and then maybe have larger games, I’m not really sure space is as much of an issue anymore tb hard drives are pretty common it seems nowdays.

also could the art be stored on the hard drive and an abstract game data of the world ai and stuff be stored on the server for the larger worlds of the future?

also networking to where multiple artists can work on the same world at the same time would be epic! there was some random fly by night game engine a while back that you could do that in, but not sure whatever happened to that tbh.

esoteric animation software, I’ve seen a lot of 2d brawlers lately (awesome 2d art) and I was thinking of a game called chantelise where all the characters looked 2d in a 3d world that could save on production time for smaller teams, 3d takes a ton of time but to animate a 2d model sheet that seems like it would be less work than trying to get 3d perfect, paper 2d is super cool but working with a rig is mad nice too so a happy medium would be super sweet to where you could link 2d images or 3d geometry thanks

I think you need to seek it hardly.