Question about the "Mouse Interface" Tutorial

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to do this tutorial :

I’ve done this part :

But I don’t get this part :

My questions are :

  • On the first blueprint screenshot, what is this variable type that must be create in order to “SET”. If I look the “SET” color (dark green) I supppose that’s “byte” for the variable type but if I do that, I have not the “Target” button on the “SET”.
  • How to select the current cursor on the “SET” like on the screenshot ? (there is the word “Hand” on it).
  • What is the element at the bottom of the screenshot and how to make it ?

Here my notes directly on the screenshot.

Thank you !

Drag out from the ‘GetPlayercontroler’ Return Value (the blue output) and type mouse. It will give you the choices you are looking for.
The variables are enumerations, not bytes. They must be declared/created in the engine somewhere, as it doesn’t seem like you can create new ‘Current Mouse Cursor’ Enums.

Thank you SuperNovaBen !

Finally, there was no need to create a new variable in order to have the same things that on the screenshot.

But I don’t know why, I’ve followed step by step the tutorial until this screenshot and when I click on “Play” and put the mouse cursor on the box, nothing happens. Have you got an idea ?

I was using a box and it seems to work on meshes only. Problem solved :slight_smile: