Question about the future Unreal Engine 5

If you’re creating a game using UE 4.25 and your characters are all UE 4.25 compatible,
will you be able to use them in Unreal Engine 5.0? I don’t want to pickup anything from the Market place
If it’s soon will be unusable in UE 5 Thanks

Answered my own question. Looks like there won’t be backwards compatibility with the items created for 4.25 and lower. Too bad there’s no conversion util. Would be nice to carry forward, but ain’t complaining though looking at the new advance V5 engine.

5 is Unreal 4 + better rendering technology.
It’s not a new engine created from scratch.

Compatibility won’t be perfect, but won’t be impossible as well.

Not sure where you’re getting that info. They never said 4.25 or lower. The official information is here:

There’s nothing there stating that older UE4 content isn’t forward compatible. UE4 has always supported forward compatibility of assets (e.g. Assets created in 4.20 can be brought into 4.25.)