Question about texture seams

Hello everyone,

I hope I’m posting this in the right place…I am somewhat new to all this so if it’s in the wrong forum please feel free to let me know.

I’m slowly but surely working my way toward developing assets to place on the marketplace, but could use some advice on seams I keep getting on my textures. I’m currently using Substance Painter and when I notice a seam I tend to use the Clone tool to minimize its visibility. For the most part, it works okay unless I zoom extremely close to the model.

My question relates to Epic’s requirements when submitting models for approval. I read that there should be no visible seams, but does this take into account what the asset is designed to be used for? For example, most of the models I’m creating are meant to be used in a top-down game, or possibly a third person game. From that perspective, the seams aren’t visible at all. However, if you switch to first-person and walk right up to the model then the seams are barely visible (and even then you have to be EXTREMELY close, like in the images attached). When placed in Unreal, the seams are even less noticeable. They’re still there, but I think I only see them because I know exactly where to look for them. With that in mind, would Epic disapprove a model like this? And if so, does anyone have any advice on how I can eliminate these seams (or at least minimize them even more)?

Like I said, I’m slowly working my way toward selling assets so this isn’t really a model meant to be submitted just yet. I have a lot of learning to do yet (in both modeling and texturing), and I actually don’t want to try to sell anything until I’m 100% seamless on all my textures (or at least as close as humanly possible)…I’m just curious on how strict that one guideline is in regards to an asset’s intended use in-game.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you guys can provide!