Question about sumbission steps

Hello everyone.
I’ve submitted around 1 week ago a package to the Marketplace.
Today, the team sent me a message stating that they have completed the initial processing of my submission.
What exactly does it mean? Are there a number of fixed steps to finish a review? If so, does it mean that I passed the first step?
Thanks in advance!

Yes there will be now a technical review for your Submission to check if everything is alright with it. You can download the checklist here (First Post)

Thank you very much!

No Problem :slight_smile:

The Technical Review Checklist linked above is outdated. You can find the most recent submission requirements in our guidelines here:…ace-guidelines

Hello, thanks for the clarification.
I just received a message where my product has passed the *initial technical review, *and now they are moving to the final product review.
As far as I understood, there are 3 steps, right?

  1. Initial processing of the submission (I don’t know what they check, maybe the product page and other basic product info).
  2. Initial technical review, that should be a general check that everything works as expected.
  3. Final product review, maybe they check additional things more in deep, but still don’t know

I assume that the technical review checklist is for the point 2, so what about the point 3?


Yes, this is basically correct. The 3 main stages of our review process are:

  1. Initial Triage: We look at all submissions to make sure they meet our quality/quantity standards and link to a downloadable project. This is generally a quick check, usually less than 5 min per product, but if we see any red flags we will take a deeper dive so we can get any major issues addressed at this stage or decline the product if significant work will be required to get it to our standards.
  2. Product Review (Initial Technical Review): We download the project and do an in-depth review using our Technical Review Checklist (TRC). This review time can vary depending on product type and complexity. For example, a music pack will usually only take 10-15 minutes but a large Blueprint product can take 2-4 hours.
  3. Final Review: Once the reviewer believes the product is ready for approval, they send the product to a specific queue where one of our more senior reviewers will download the project and quickly inspect it for any obvious discrepancies. A new TRC is not filled out at this stage but key TRC checks are kept in mind during this review. Many times, the issues that we request fixed at this stage would likely be severe enough that a buyer could potentially file for a refund if it was found in the published product.

I hope this helps clarify a bit more about our review process. During your review, please feel free to reply to your reviewer with any questions or send a support case here if any issues may arise:

Thank you for your exhaustive reply!