Question about Struct Organization

Hey All, I believe this is the correct forum to ask this in, if it’s not I apologize.

My friend and I are designing a game that has many many different weapon modifiers. These modifiers span from weapon attack speed increase to things like setting a crit element affliction with damage types and explosion types.

The way we have it designed is with two structs. One is weapon data which contains all the basic weapon stats and then another one called Modifiers. That struct has about 70 variables in it. It has a bool for every modifier and then all the associated data that modifier would need. We would then load both of those on to every weapon blueprint and pull and set only modifiers needed.

I’m wondering if there’s a smarter or better way to do this. The only other conceptualization I could think was to make every single modifier its own struct and then make a modifier struct of the actual modifier structs.

Am I just thinking about this entirely wrong?

Any thoughts would be appreciated as we are essentially learning top down as we go.

Thank you

Have you considered using a Data Table?