Question About Static Instanced Meshes and performance


I’m trying to populate a studium with a lot of static meshes with vertex animation for a VR project but I have some performance questions…

If I’m not wrong all the instanced meshes are drawn even if it are not inside the camera frustum so if I have a instanced static mesh component and I add all the instances then, all the meshes are computing every frame.

My question is… Creating four components for each stadium side will improve the performance?? If player does not look back this meshes are not being drawn, right? But I have four instanced static mesh component instead of one and I dont know which option is better…

Any idea??


My understanding is that drawing all instances takes 1 draw call, so all instances are drawn at the same time. However, I believe the engine is culling anything that is not being rendered (occlusion culling), so no worries about having to do anything with the stuff off camera.

You might want to check out Hierarchical Instance Static Mesh component - this is a better version of the ISM component. Now you can use LODs between instances and define distance culling for even more performance!

Hope this helps!