Question about Spawning an Actor on a Key Press

Hey guys! So, I am working on a little project that’ll require a shield to spawn at the location of the player. I first checked to make sure that “Block Input” was Not Enabled in my Default Settings, and then tossed in this Blueprint. I checked out a lot of videos, and these Blue Prints always seemed to work, but it isn’t working for me. Whenever I click “F”, nothing Spawns even though I have the Shield Selected for the Class on Spawn Actor.

If I drag the “Pressed” for “F” to the Print String, that doesn’t work either. However if I drag “True” on the “Branch” to the Spawn Actor and click on “F”, that works, but it spawns too many Shields.

I saw in some videos that people used “Get Player Character” Node, but whenever I try using that, I get “Accessed None”, but I don’t think I need it because “GetActorLocation” with it Targeting Self does return the correct Location.

I just don’t know if I am missing something or if I did something wrong somehow?