Question about setting up a modding system through scripting on the server side

Hey Guys,

I’m currently trying to setup a system for my game that allows server owners to mod/customise their servers through scripts. Similar to how FiveM handles resources.

I have experimented with LUA, and managed to get that running fine, however the two areas that I’m unsure about are UI and assets.

For the UI, ideally I want to have something HTML based to make it the most accessible to people who aren’t familiar with UMG, similarly with assets I want to work out the easiest way of allowing people to create custom assets for their servers.

The issue is, I can’t seem to find a way to get this working in a smooth way, I know there is the UCG plugin that adds support for modding, but requiring users to have a bunch of SDKs and work with Unreal is something I would rather avoid if possible, instead letting them work from a language like LUA. I’m aware they would need to work with Unreal for assets, but if possible I would like that interaction to be as simple as possible, maybe just a plugin or base class that they can use to create their assets, then drag and drop the UASSET.

I have heard of BLUI for UI, and have been testing it out, but can’t seem to get interaction 2 ways, calling functions in BP (or ideally LUA, but thats a bit of a stretch) when UI elements are clicked, if anyone knows how to set this up I would be keen to hear, also whether or not BLUI is actually a good idea since I hear its discontinued.

In summary, I’m trying to work out the best “tech stack” to create a highly customisable/moddable system for my game (think Gmod or Fivem etc).