Question about Sequencer

Hello guys,

I’m just starting looking at Unreal and I have question about Sequencer. I don’t know if this is the right place to post but didn’t find a dedicated thread.

I’m about work on a project which contains a lot of interactive cinematic. Is kind of an “interactive” movie so using a tool like Sequencer seems to be a good idea. I was wondering if Sequencer needs everything that is going to be “played” in the sequence to be already loaded in the scene “hosted” the sequence ? I’m asking that, because there will be a lot of different actors and places (environnements/scenes) during a same sequence and it seems to not be a good idea to load every actors and every environnements I need right at the beginning. So is it possible to load a Track Actors dynamically and then have it unload when not used anymore ? Same for environnements/scenes ?

Does that make sense for you guys ?


No, sequencer does not need to have everything loaded to play. The bindings to sequencer tracks will get resolved when actors get spawned in the level.

You can also use spawnables in sequencer that will only exist for the duration of your sequence. Take a look here: