Question about selling Unreal Engine 4 scenes

Just wanted to be sure about the commercial use terms for Unreal Engine 4. I modeled and exporting from MayaLT, textured in Substance Painter 2. I wanted to set up my scene and textures and materials in UE4 to better display my model, and I wanted to include the scene in the sale for my buyer’s ease. I was wondering if I was allowed to include the Unreal Engine Scene/project folder in the sale, on TurboSquid, for them to have so they can get working instantly.

I am a small independent 3D artist seller just getting started in this industry and want to follow all the rules. Thank you!

Yeah you can sell the unreal project as part of your scene. Keep in mind though that even though you aren’t going through the UE4 marketplace, the regular engine royalties apply. So you’ll need to keep track of your sales per quarter to ensure you are in compliance with the criteria for the 5% owed. Good luck. =)