Question about selling items for players from Fab / Epic

Hi there!

This is Jordi from ArtisticSquad, a vendor at Artstation. Pleased to meet you! :slight_smile:

We’ve been looking at the Fab plugin and the editor, which is very nice.

We have some doubts:

  • Can we become a seller of items like weapons, hair, and clothing (or any other part of the characters) for Fortnite players? We mean selling directly to players from an Epic marketplace or from Fab.

  • If that can be done, do sellers get real money when players purchase?

  • How do we do this? Can we open an account to sell items for players now?

We would love to be able to design for the players, as we have experience in designing characters, clothing, hair, and weapons for other softwares, and are very receptive to user’s tastes.

Thank you so much for your replies :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for asking :slight_smile:

At this time, Fab Alpha is accessible to Sellers on an invite-only basis. We’re getting ready for the public launch, and at time we’ll publish all our policies, how to apply etc. Fab Alpha only provides content for building worlds inside UEFN/FN - you can’t sell characters or character accessories.

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Thank you so much for your reply and the information! :slight_smile:

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