Question about scalability auto

Hi there,

I’m trying to implement automatic scalability, and I’m using the “scalability auto” console command. I’ve set up my defaultscalability.ini so that it will set ResolutionQuality and ScreenPercentage based on the GPU benchmark value. The first thing I noticed is that the GPU benchmark value is different each time I run the application. On my GTX1080 it will range between 215 and 355. I’m running on a stationary machine with only one graphics card, so it seems a bit strange.

So my question is whether I should run the “scalability auto” command at a certain moment (i.e. when all loading has completed, or before loading anything) or if that shouldn’t matter?

To answer my own question, it worked quite well for me to run the command before loading anything with a delay inserted before and after. The GPU benchmark value will then return a value between 320 and 355, which I guess is good enough.

It could perhaps work to pause the game and then have a thread that’s tickable while paused that runs the “scalability auto” and then unpause when it’s done. But I haven’t tried it.

what is the auto scalability command because i am searching for it, thanks in advance.

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