Question about save game logic

So its late at night here, but I was wondering and just had to ask.

When you go about creating a save game file, would you save for instance all the basic player information, for example health and currency, then go about saving game specific information like level position, number of quest completed/quest IDs, etc? Then with the level wouldn’t you have to save npc game locations as well to allow for a seam-less ish no apparent loss of progress game load?

All of this information could very easily be loaded into a text file or data file of some sort. And so long as your input methods stayed the same it should theoretically be possible to load all these values back and revert to were you left off.

Am I thinking about this correctly or do I have it all wrong? I haven’t researched this any, but was curious so I thought I’d ask for proper save game techniques.

Cheers guys! Let me know the scoop on things.

Yes, all of that is possible with a Save Game blueprint(s).