Question about royalties for free games

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Now, i was looking for a game engine (free licence) for make a game, a small proyect just for learn, and my objetive is public it in google play but free, i hope you understand me.
Then, i saw that unreal engine is free, i read the blog and i see that i have to pay 5% royalty,and i dont know what’s that.

If I want to make a small game and public it on google play free, What i have to pay?

Again, i hope u understand me.

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If your game is free, you don’t owe any royalties, generally speaking.

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If your game is free, and you are not making any money from Ad revenue generated by your game, you owe Epic nothing.

If you do get Ad revenue, you pay 5% of the total revenue over $3000 per quarter. If you make less than $3000 per quarter, you again owe Epic nothing.

Here is a quote from the FAQ:

Copied from Epics Q/A

So the things we would need to know for a commercial game: How much are you making per calendar quarter, (4 quarters to a year), and for each quarter the total profits ABOVE 3,000 USD you would to take 3% off the top and give that to Epic.

But sense you are making a free product on the play store, you would not need to pay anything, UNLESS you made over 3,000 USD with your product. And means gross profit, whether its from actually selling the title, or from ad revenue.

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Clear as BALLSSS. Thanx Epic for not being greedY!!!

I would have another question about the royalty - Let’s say I’m developing a complete HW + SW product, for instance arcade cabinet. The sale is price is 50K USD and a large portion of it is the hardware (cabinet, screen, input …), do i have to pay royalty on the entire cabinet? (ie 2500 USD per unit?)

@ENiKS - if that would fall under a work for hire style thing, there wouldn’t be royalties. Also, depending on how its set up, I believe there are no royalties on arcades, either. Go check the EULA where it defines the exceptions to the royalty payment.