Question about resolution and subtitles

Heyo guys, i’m making the pause menu for my game and came across two questions.

  1. I know that the easiest way to make a resolution option in UMG would be simply associate the resolution text with the console command, but what about detecting the monitor supported resolution of the player? or even trying to have to make a copy paste millions of times?

  2. I know too that the default subtitle setup in Unreal 4 is the dialogue and sound Wave, but since my game doesn’t have voices, isn’t there any kind of built in Subtitle Manager?

Rama’s blueprint plugin has a node which detects supported resolutions.

A friend sent me yesterday an answer from UEAnswers that there is a node called Get Supported Fullscreen Resolution, there is the BP example there of working with ComboBox, but I took the code into a text function and alongside with the Button Event+more nodes, i’ve turned into an Button(arrow) change option just like many games,

(Use Event Construct in case if it doesn’t work)

Strangely enough, it appears to be a quite obscure node, Epic should update the menu tutorial using this+ComboBox/whatever they wish, so you don’t have to create multiples instances of console and button commands for resolution and etctera.

Update, solved the Subtitle parts, using Text Array and incrementing after a delay.

EDIT: Can’t do it with TriggerBox, not sure why.