Question about renaming packaged game AFTER packaging it

Hi guys!

I have a simple yet complicated question for those who have successfully released a game.
I am wondering if it is possible to package a game and then rename that packed game and submit it to a publisher such as steam?

I ask this because I did not finally settle on a name for my game until it was very very far into production and it is a C++ game. At this point, renaming the project would be a MASSIVE and extremely inconvenient under taking that I would like to avoid if possible.

I honestly do not really care about the project name, it is the name of the finished game that the player sees when they go to play the game that I care about. So I am wondering if it is possible to simply keep the same project name but change the name of the packaged product before submitting it for publication?

I am releasing for iOS, Android, MAC, Windows and Linux. I do know that or iOS and Android I can simply go in to the project settings and change it right there and I have already done that but that does still leave MAC, Windows and Linux.
For MAC, I know Apple does tend to do everything as one big Bundle. Can I simply rename my packaged output to the right name and submit it to Apple?
And as for Windows, I have found a lot of install package creators that do allow me to change the name of the executable such as Inno Setup Compiler. Has anyone uploaded to a service such as steam after using a program such as Inno before that might be reading this?

Essentially all I want is to make sure the player sees the name of the game and not the name of my project when they go to play it.
If anyone needs me to clarify more about what I am asking, let me know and I will.
Thank you in avance.