Question about putting 3D animation in a 2D game

Hey there.
I downloaded unreal engine a few days ago and have been running through a few of the tutorials, This is mostly all new to me.
I am currently messing around with making a game using the built in 2D side scroller example that you can select as a project.
I’m curious if it is possible to import 3D objects and characters into a “paper2D” project and animate them instead of having to use sprites?
Essentially I would like to combine 2D and 3D assets to create a side scroller that looks and plays like a totally 2D game.
I have been browsing the net for ages but cant find out how to do this or if it is even possible.


If you prevent the camera and characters from moving in more than 2 dimensions (of a possible x,y and z) you pretty much have a 2D game.
You can also take screen grabs of animating 3D models and dump them into a flipbook to re-implement your 3D art as 2D.
Theres also: and
To name a few. Its a big engine with a lot of functionality so it will take some exploring to work out how to do exactly what you want but you can go either way with the assets (dependent on your skill and determination ofc).


Hey, haven’t been able to get back to work on the game until now. Thanks for the tips and the links, will take these in mind going forward on the project. The flipbook is a really cool idea, hadn’t even thought about that to be honest.