Question about Projectiles

So I have a spell it creates a tornado and I want that tornado to suck up projectiles, an arrow for example, to bend around the tornado until the spell finishes. Any idea of how this would work? I was thinking a physics Volume with a rotate vector assigned to it, but then again I’m new to blueprinting and have, up until recently, mainly been working with level design. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advanced.

You could do it like that: add a trigger box to your tornardo and “on begin overlap” (the event) you just attach the projectile/mesh to some sockets on the tornardo + let the sockets move around :slight_smile:

What if i wanted it to suck up a projectile shot from a player?

You would want to add a trigger volume or a collision component that when a projectile generates an overlap event, it would then put the projectile into a spin around the tornado.

Same as above -> with a trigger volume + you could probably add an effect so that it looks more realistic :slight_smile: