Question about Powerup blueprint documentation


The online documentation for the powerup blueprint sample -

Shows how to add the needed components for this example.

In the screenshot it shows to add components under the ROOT, however in the version i’m using adding a new component replaces the root component for the blueprint.

Should this be fixed in the screenshot shown in the documentation? or am i doing something wrong?

Satheesh is still correct. That system did change slightly, in that Root is now replaced by the first Component you add. So if you want transform-ability, the first thing you would add is a Scene Component, then you’d add the Power Volume. It would look a little different in your hierarchy, since there’s no longer the plain version of the Root node just sitting there.

I hope this helps!

Yep just making sure… I guess it’s a bit hassle to change the docs (screenshots) for every tiny product update. However these images should be correct for the final product IMO (since people who learn by the docs like myself would like to know they’re doing everything right)

Before adding your component, first add a Scene Component (search for scene and you should see one). This will replace the Root with Scene as seen in screenshot. After adding this you can add any other components as the documentation says. :slight_smile:

I believe that still doesn’t look like the screen shot on the documentation page. I will upload a screenshot later…