Question about plugins and blueprint projects

There is a plugin I attempted to use called UE4AdBoxPlugin. It’s designed to give you access to various ad types via blueprint. However, the instructions to install state it must be compiled into the engine, or your project must be a cpp project.

Compiling the engine was no fun task but that brought problems on it’s own. So instead I converted my project to a CPP project by creating a single CPP based player controller. I then followed the plugin installation steps on the github page. Problem is, with the addon included my game crashes after the splash screen. I’m unsure if this is because I converted my project, because the addon is broken, or maybe some other reason.

There are other addons I’m interested in but this experience has me wondering: do all addons require a cpp project or to be compiled with the engine? Does turning my project into a cpp project using the method I describe typically work if so?

bump anyone know?

Did you perhaps “messed up” the engine when trying to compile it as engine plugin? if so try a clean engine installation from the launcher perhaps.


Try removing the plugin from the project, re-generate visual studio project files (right click your game.uproject) then recompile the project in visual studio.
If you are still crashing then at least you know it’s not the plugin :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll give the second option a shot. The problem I ran into when I compiled it into the engine is that upon compiling my game not just my game would compile, but the entire engine again(this was using the compile option within UE4, not visual studio). I’m sure I failed to follow directions somewhere because that certainly doesn’t seem right.